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I ordered a Kindle after they stopped shipping the Kindle 1, and it was upgraded to the Kindle 2 and shipped out on launch day. Because I also recently caved and signed up for Amazon Prime, it showed up Wednesday of launch week, and I think I had trouble connecting to Whispernet because of the number of coworkers who also had a Kindle 2 show up that day, and those who upgraded from Kindle 1 then proceeded to transfer their entire digital library to their new device.

I like it. A lot. It's close enough to as good as a book for reading that, with the small form factor and sufficiently-large device storage, and automatic delivery of content, I think it's a clear win. I'm already agonizing over what to do with my current library of books, since I often reread things. I think I'll end up re-buying the 50% of books I like best and am likely to reread more often so I can have them to reread while traveling.
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